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CashNow goes beyond digital payment by thoughtfully designing the mobile app experience for migrants in Singapore to empower them through financial education and inclusion.




Join the fun and hype on getting your salary credited instantly to your CashNow app and remit to the listed countries in the app 24/7! 

It’s easy and fast! There is always something new with CashNow! 


Amu Mar-te

Your one stop Korean convenience mart allowing you to fix your cravings without stepping out of Singapore.

With CashNow, all you need to do is “Scan” & “Go”. Go cashless and pay for your goods with CashNow. Seamless, easy & fuss-free!

Watch our video with Amu Mar-te!

With effect from 1st June, Amu Marte App will no longer be available. 

You can continue to access your Wallet via CashNow app. 

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Fusionopolis Symbiosis.

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